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B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing: Creating Opportunities

B2B lead generation outsourcing is all about creating opportunities, and this can be done only by dealing with objections, clarifying customer’s expectations and overcoming resistance of the buyers. Cold calling provides an opportunity to B2B lead generation outsourcing agencies to learn in-depth about a prospect’s business, earn their trust by offering qualified solutions and build long-lasting relationships. Successful sales people know the art of turning an unhelpful person at the other end of a cold call into a business opportunity. Helping those unhelpful people help you is the key to unearthing useful information, here is how you can do it.

Turning a “wrong” person into a “right” opportunity:

Most sales reps get frustrated and disconnect if the person at the other end of the call turns out to be a “wrong” person. You can, however, use even these persons to get some useful information for your company. Ask for the name and contact number of the right decision maker and request for a referral, this might greatly help the cause of your B2B lead generation outsourcing company.

Turning an uninterested person into a business opportunity:

It’s quite common to get a response that the organization you are calling does the job in-house or outsources it to some vendor. There is no reason to get discouraged just yet and hang up. Try to keep the conversation going and convince the prospect about the advantages of using your solution. Do your homework well to answer such predictable responses. Explain that your solution can give them better productivity and save them time and money. Convince them about the merits of giving you an audience.

Finding useful business intelligence:

Even if the person you call doesn’t use your product or service, try getting some useful business intelligence that might come handy later. You can have an insight into their company’s working and also about the requirements and needs of their peers. Such information can give you some long-term opportunities.

B2B lead generation outsourcing can be a profitable venture if one can make full use of the potential of cold calling. Getting useful information from uninterested persons can turn cold calling into a very powerful tool and help grow your business exponentially.