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B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing: Dealing with Gatekeepers

One of the toughest challenges for B2B lead generation outsourcing companies is to get past the multiple layers of gatekeepers in order to reach that most important person in the organization: the decision maker. While B2B lead generation outsourcing could well be a profitable proposition, one must judge carefully the capability of the agency to deal with the gatekeepers. Without devising a sound strategy to slip past this obstacle, no lead generation or appointment setting program can achieve the desired results. This brings us to the most important question: how to deal with the call screeners or the gatekeepers?

Sales persons usually adopt two diabolically opposite approaches to tackle these roadblocks in order to get to the decision makers: either they try turning this foe into a trusted ally, or they try to bluff their way through.

Befriending a potential foe:

It’s not always prudent for B2B lead generation outsourcing agencies to view the persons standing between them and the decision makers as foes or antagonists. One must remember that these very people can in fact help them by guiding them to the right persons or giving them useful information about the organization and the desired persons. You just have to be honest and cordial with them and try to develop rapport and trust.

The flip side of this approach is that it takes time and if the person doesn’t quite turn out to be the right choice, you lose valuable time.

Bluffing your way through:

Another approach adopted by the sales people for getting past the gatekeepers is to confuse them or bluff their way through. Giving an impression that you are already expected or that you are known to the decision maker or that you aren’t a sales person after all are some of the tricks used as a part of this approach. This, however, is a dishonest practice that most experienced call screeners spot instantaneously. Once you are caught cheating, your chances are as good as gone forever. If you are successful, you save a lot of time and get a chance to talk with the decision maker.

There are no definite ways for B2B lead generation outsourcing agencies to deal with the gatekeepers, a flexible approach is always better. If you are efficient, frequent and consistent with your dealings, you can always successfully deal with them and reach the decision makers.

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