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B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing: Drivers for Sales

B2B lead generation outsourcing has gained in popularity in the recent years with many organizations relying on the experienced vendors for enhancing their profit margins. It’s true that the business environment has undergone a sea change in the past few decades and a lot of new technologies and strategies have replaced the older techniques, however, these new tactics and approaches often make B2B lead generation outsourcing vendors forget the basic drivers for sales leads. No matter which industry you are in or what strategies or technologies you adopt, the two basic drivers for any sales leads remain the same: pain and motivation.

Pain: There can be no sales lead without pain. Unless B2B lead generation outsourcing vendors can come up with the pain points of a customer or the customer themselves become aware of their pain, the sales cycle can’t even begin. Keeping your eyes open to the changing business environment and doing your research well can uncover promising sales leads as these changes create new business opportunities. Expansions or diversions, new launches or modifications, facility shifting or other such changes open up new possibilities and you must be alert enough to grab them.

Motivation: You can only present a solution for a prospect’s pain, but to move forward in the sales process, the prospects should be motivated enough to alleviate their pain. If they lack the motivation to do something about their pain, they may decide to live with it for many years, and this lead is likely to stay in the sales purgatory for an eternity. Several factors decide the motivation level of a customer and a wise sales person should be able to judge it before he loses too much time on a lead that is not going anywhere.

B2B lead generation outsourcing can prove beneficial only if the vendor is aware of the basic sales drivers and knows how to use them to qualify a sales lead. If both the factors are present, the business can only improve, thus enhancing your profit margins and reputation.

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