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B2B lead generation outsourcing has become a common phenomenon in this age of specialization where specific tasks are performed only by people experts in those disciplines. In a grim situation when economic slowdown continues to make life hell for companies around the globe, B2B lead generation outsourcing can become an effective tool for boosting your business prospects by providing qualified sales leads. These third party vendors rely on latest techniques and technologies and innovative strategies and methods to reach out to the decision makers. However, amidst all this din over technology and strategies, we often tend to forget the fundamentals of lead generation- the three basic steps to make a lead generation program successful. What are these three steps?

B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing Services in India, B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing

B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing Services in India, B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing

Choosing your customers:

Just acquiring a contact list and dialing blindly never pays. Make sure you have the correct names and contacts in your list and you are on your way. B2B lead generation outsourcing vendors sometimes commit the mistake of narrowing their net too much and only contacting the product or service specific companies. Remember that lead generation is different from sales where you narrow down your choices to look for most qualified leads. Here you need to branch out and widen your net as much as possible.

Developing a script:

A perfect script is the key to running a successful lead generation program. Unless you empathize with the prospects and know about the pain that motivates them, and customize your solution according to their specific needs, you can’t win their trust and take the sales process forward. Your script needs to revolve around the customer’s needs and should be able to convey all the salient features of your solution.

Getting an appointment:

Getting an appointment with the decision makers is the final destination of any lead generation effort. Do your homework thoroughly to know your decision maker well before dialing them. Use your script and your personal charisma to make them agree to a meeting. This is where you will make your proposal presentation. Be flexible and see whether they want a face to face meeting or video conferencing or any other mode of communication.

B2B lead generation outsourcing can be a profitable proposition if you choose your vendor after due consideration. Make sure that they understand the fundamentals of lead generation.

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