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B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing, B2B Lead Generation Company, B2B Lead Generation companiesMany B2B lead generation outsourcing vendors tend to woo the customers by assuring them that they have the required techniques to shorten the sales cycles. This would literally mean that these B2B lead generation outsourcing companies can help their clients close deals much sooner than it normally takes. But is it really possible? Should you really fall for such promises? Any experienced salesperson knows that you need a certain time in qualifying a business lead, setting appointments, making your presentations, alleviating your customer’s worries, confusions and apprehensions, and finally making all the negotiations before you can actually close a deal. In fact, despite all the technological advancements and faster modes of communication, sales process actually takes a longer time because of the enormous work pressures on the decision makers today. It’s true that in certain situations the sales cycle can be shortened but that is more of an exception rather than a rule. This can happen when a salesperson is quickly able to identify the points of pain and needs of their customer, and the customer is really motivated to act to solve their problems.

Despite what your B2B lead generation outsourcing vendor says, always be cautious if a deal closes a bit too soon. This might of course a genuine client but chances are that you are in for a rude shock. For example, if a client pursues you more than your usual customers, try to check their background. Do they have a poor payment record? Have withheld or delayed the payments of their past vendors or service providers? Then again, always make sure that your client is absolutely sure about what you are providing. Give a demonstration of your services or products if the client seems to agree to everything. It’s better than getting surprised when it’s time for the final delivery.

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