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3 Important Questions That May Decide The Fate Of B2B Lead Generation Services

Sales leads that keep lingering on without actually producing any results can sometimes become a headache for The Global Associates B2B lead generation services. A lot of time and effort goes into qualifying these leads that bear no fruit and yet it’s not easy for B2B lead generation services to abandon them midway.

Is there any formula to guide you whether it’s time to move on and concentrate on other leads? If you have a set of pointed questions for the prospect, you can have a clear idea whether they are positive about dealing with you. This will save you a lot of time and investment and help you focus on more promising leads. Let us have a look at some of the important questions you must ask your prospect.

    • 1. Do you have any competition?


It’s natural that other vendors are also offering the same products or services you specialize in; it’s essential to ask the client if they are in touch with other vendors also. If the answer is “no”, this means that either you have a ready deal or they are not serious enough about buying at all.

  • 2. Are you competitive enough?

Don’t hesitate in asking the prospect about their expectations regarding quality and background of vendors. This will give you a clear idea about where you actually stand. Move on if you are not in the same league, however, give it your best shot if slight adjustments or improvements can help you bag the deal. B2B lead generation companies can sometimes get seemingly impossible deals if they keep trying.

  • 3. What is their timeline?

There is no point of groping in the dark. Ask them about their timeline right away. If you know when they will be taking a decision regarding solution and when will they actually implement it, you will get a clear idea about their intentions. This will help you develop a relationship and build trust.

Too many leads in the sales purgatory is a cause of worry for B2B lead generation services. Confusion eats up a lot of time and causes frustration, asking clear and pointed questions can help you take a decision about whether to persist with a certain lead or just to move on and spend your energies elsewhere.

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