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B2B Lead Generation Services: First Impression Matters

Mark had joined the B2B Lead Generation Services just a short while ago and he was already under intense pressure.

He was an intelligent, smart young man and had thought that he would have a bright future in the B2B lead generation services, yet his career hadn’t really taken off. Most of his leads were dying out pretty soon and now his job was on the line. He could read the warning clearly in Peter’s eyes early that morning that made his stomach churn. He went straight to Sylvia who was considered the best in his B2B Lead generation services company. Sylvia was very helpful as always. She asked Mark to sit down and told him her secret.

“Mark”, she said, “you are a capable young man, but I am afraid you don’t prepare well before making your calls.”

Mark looked uncomprehendingly at her. She smiled and continued:

“You must realize that there are no second chances in the field of B2B lead generation services, so you have to make a really good first impression, there can be no ifs and buts, no exceptions to this rule. If you don’t make a good first impression, you lose your lead.”

“So, what should I do to make a good first impression?” Mark asked pensively.

“Prepare yourself well before you make the call. Research a lot about the organization and the person so that they don’t catch you on the wrong foot. If you are a step ahead, they would find you dependable and dealing with you would seem to be a profitable proposition to them. Make a comprehensive questionnaire with probing questions, encourage them to come up with their requirements, their pain points, instill a confidence in them that you are a problem solver who would give a boost to their business. Do you understand now?”

Mark’s face glowed with joy and gratitude. He was sure that nothing could stop him now from having a great career in the B2B Lead generation services.

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