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Bridging the gap between the levels of the high and low performing employees is always a tough challenge for The Global Associates B2B lead generation services. Experience shows that most B2B lead generation services depend on just a handful of their high performing sales persons for the majority of their business, while rest of the employees just complete the numbers. It’s important to raise the average performance level of the employees if an organization wants to enhance its overall business and profitability. The real key to success is to bridge the gap between the performance levels of the actual “business-givers” and the “making up the number” workers.

How to raise the level of low-performers:

The first step towards trying to bring the low-performing sales people at par with their higher performing team-members is to understand their shortcomings. These shortcomings are the cause of their negligible contribution to the success of B2B lead generation services, and they may be: inability to advance sales leads beyond initial phases; lack of a charming personality or flexible approach during presentations and discussions; poor relationship building capability; lack of farsightedness and a broad vision in making strategies or taking important decisions.

Charting the characteristics of high-performers:

It’s important to pinpoint the characteristics of the high performing sales people and then try to raise the standards of their low performing colleagues to the same level. Some of the traits that make some sales persons more effective and successful than their peers may be categorized as: great referral development capability; good relationship building capability; glib talkers; quick to learn technology; possessing broad vision and foresight; hardworking and flexible.

It’s almost impossible for an organization to survive in this age of fierce global competition if it depends on the performances of just a handful of employees. It’s important to try and improve the performance levels of other employees and bring them at par with their high performing colleagues. Only the B2B lead generation services that succeed in training their sales people to perform at the highest levels can hope to flourish and achieve great success.

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