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B2B lead generation services: insights for 2013 (contd.)

By September 25, 2013No Comments

B2B LEAD GENERATION SERVICESWhen one talks about contact information, B2B lead generation services are sought for finding physical addresses and business emails of leads. Coming to the qualitative feedback, an increasing number of businesses are showing interests in physical addresses along with an email, going against the trend of just having an email sufficing for business communication. And because marketing materials can be delivered in numerous ways like direct mail, companies having strong marketing campaigns think of mailing addresses as a distinct advantage against their competitors for closing sales and generating revenue.

According to experts, B2B lead generation services should be used to implement additional filters or layers to further refine the lead generation process and get more qualified leads, and this is more relevant in case of sales involving a lot of money. The reason being that the more qualified the lead is, the higher is the chance of closing it. Responsiveness, in the present context, is a very important factor in deciding the quality of the lead, and this is why both a physical address and an email address help businesses connect with their leads better.

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