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Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Tactics

Scores of studies have been conducted in the recent years to list out the most effective B2B lead generation tactics. Most surveys agree that technology can play a major role in bringing you close to your target group and help you stay connected with them, however, they are not unanimous while presenting their list of the most effective B2B lead generation tactics.

This is not at all surprising; lead generation is a process that is made up of components that cannot be easily quantified or described. You would still want to employ tactics that may bring excellent quality leads in large quantities. The fact remains that technology is and will always be just a tool, however powerful it may be, you need short and long term strategies to make your program successful by employing the most appropriate technology.

For example, the best quality leads are generated when you connect with people and here technology can assist you to a great extent. Let us discuss in brief the most effective B2B lead generation tactics according to these studies and surveys.

Most effective b2b lead generation tactics


  • Make your calls warm:
b2b lead generation tactics cold calling

b2b lead generation tactics : cold calling

Cold calling has been one of the oldest and most potent tools for generating leads, and make no mistake about it, it still remains so. However, you need to make your calls warmer in order to be more successful in an era where competition is cut-throat and prospects are well informed. You just cannot dial a number and force your way through to the decision maker today, time is a priceless commodity now. You need to do a thorough homework before picking up your phone.

Pinpoint their issues and pain points and be prepared with a possible solution. You can offer to help the prospect fix their problems and may be you will be able to convince them that you are the one best suited to solve their issues.


  • Be visible on the web:
b2b lead generation tactics web visisbility

b2b lead generation tactics : web visisbility

As mentioned above, today’s prospect is well informed, they try keeping in touch with the latest trends and technologies and regularly visit internet to know more about their issues and possible solutions. You need to make your presence felt on the web to reach more and more possible customers, and this doesn’t mean being active on the social media.

The best way to reach out to your target group is to post blogs on a regular basis. People often wonder whether blogging can actually be considered as a tool while talking about the most effective B2B lead generation tactics when every other person is writing blogs these days.

One must, however, understand that blogging can only be effective if it’s done with the intent of helping people find solutions to their problems. Make a list of frequently asked questions and write blogs on each one of them.

You should also be prepared with the possible queries and answers to them that must feature in your subsequent blogs. This way you will be able to connect with the customers and generate a steady flow of top-quality leads.


  • Network with a purpose:
b2b lead generation tactics : connecting with people

b2b lead generation tactics : connecting with people

Networking is a necessity, it’s also one of the most powerful tools for generating good quality leads on a sustained basis. However, you cannot develop an effective business network if you just go out there without any planning or long-term strategy.

Connecting with people, both in real world and on the social media, is a process that builds trust and develops relationships. If you don’t have a target group, you can just go on and on making connections without actually developing meaningful relationships. Making a list of organizations and people you want to connect with always helps.

Social media tools like LinkedIn etc provide a good platform for connecting with the people needing your expertise. Join some groups that consist of prospective customers and start building trust by exchanging queries. Giving and asking for referrals will widen your network and help you develop trusted relationships.


  • Organize trade shows:
b2b lead generation tactics trade shows

b2b lead generation tactics : trade shows

Most surveys are unanimous in their findings that organizing trade shows brings in most and the best quality leads. This is a platform that gives you an opportunity to showcase your products publicly and get in touch with the prospects directly. You have an opportunity for discussing various issues and technicalities and answering queries and objections.

Your customers can make negotiations, weigh their options and judge your capabilities before making up their minds. While trade shows offer the best possible way of generating top-quality leads in large numbers, organizing them is a costly affair. This is a tactic you can use only once in a while, not as a regular tool.


  • Conduct seminars/ webinars:
b2b lead generation tactics webinars seminars

b2b lead generation tactics : webinars seminars

Knowledge sharing through seminars or webinars can be one of the most effective B2B lead generation tactics in certain business environments. Being in direct touch with the possible customers and answering some of their queries can go a long way in building your credibility among your peers and prospects. If you have a solution for the challenges they are facing right now, you have a lead ready to come your way.


  • Run e-mail campaigns:
b2b lead generation tactics : email campaign

b2b lead generation tactics : email campaign

Emails provide the cheapest way of generating leads, yet you have to prepare some effective ways of running sustained campaigns without actually looking too pushy. Sending newsletters and product information on a regular basis is an excellent idea that presents your image as a serious organization wanting to help the customers.

Never send mails that don’t offer anything valuable to the prospect, keep them interested and this tool will act as a great lead generating tactic.


  • Search engine marketing:
b2b lead generation tactics search engine marketing

b2b lead generation tactics : search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the latest lead generation tool and it’s doing wonders already. Your prospects are curious to know about more and more and internet is the best platform for them for this purpose. When they google their queries, you have a chance to direct them to your website and see what you are capable of.

Most organizations are now investing more on search engine marketing to attract better quality leads, this is one B2B lead generation tactic that is going to make its presence felt for a long time to come.