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B2B telemarketing services

B2B telemarketing: Fraudulent ways to get data (contd.)

B2B telemarketing

The ‘I accept the terms and conditions’ clause is actually a license to do a lot of things to the customer, and one of them is a boon for B2B telemarketing companies, since it allows them to utilize the legal loophole, so to speak, to share their information with partner agencies. This basically means that if a central firm owns 5 businesses, the moment a customer signs up for any one, the rest of the 4 can also latch on. Essentially, it’s like a scraping device, whether its contact details or any other details that are mentioned at the time of signing up. Obviously not a very smart idea as far as building credibility is concerned.

Another important aspect in this contact is big data. Computers today are very advanced and have the capability to crawl the web and look at millions of data points at the same time. They can instantly recognize the number of likes, pins and tweets a person has done, all of which is valuable information for telemarketing companies. However, it’s not in the knowledge of the person whose information is being shared, and hence, there’s no telling how they would react to the communication.

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