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B2B telemarketing: Starting off on the right foot

By June 7, 2013March 16th, 2023No Comments

B2B Telemarketing Solutions

Buying lists is an imperative for many businesses, particularly startups. However, many firms commit the common error of purchasing the entire list in a huge quantity and don’t have budgets to upgrade the lists. The simple rule of thumb here is to procure small lists over a period of time so that there’s always some new data to look forward to. Just like it’s important to buy relevant and new data, one can’t possible refute the common knowledge that at some point, that data will get old. Which is why B2B telemarketing teams must be supplied with new data from time to time for better results.

There are many problems that teams can encounter when they buy data in bulk. First of all, they have to make the extra effort to maintain such a huge database. Secondly, one can’t run targeted campaigns with such a huge database, which means that the results are going to be way off the expectations. If one is in the business of offering B2B telemarketing services to clients, they are going to be fare quite badly. And lastly, due to human error, many records may even be overlooked, leading to waste of resources and lost opportunities.

The Global Associates has been providing B2B Telemarketing services for over a decade, helping businesses to achieve their sales goals.

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