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B2B telemarketing: Tips to make it work

By June 17, 2013March 17th, 2023No Comments

The next step for effective B2B telemarketing is to work on one’s proposition. Simply put, there are many competitors in the same line of business, and barring a few exceptions, everyone is selling the same product or service. So one needs to figure out a way in which his product can be promoted in a manner that looks better than the rest. This is not exactly specific to B2B telemarketing but for all kinds of promotional activities. Sure, it can get quite taxing, but once the right approach to promoting the product is cracked, one can enjoy Christmas all year long.

One of the most obvious manners in which this problem can be resolved is by focusing on how the product helps the clients. Does it help them reduce costs or increase productivity? Maybe it helps in maximizing productivity or addresses a concern that no other product can, or as effectively. If it helps them avoid a seemingly unavoidable circumstance, even better. The basic idea is to attack, so to speak, their pain points and tell them how the product can help them address their key concerns.

Defining the target market is also an important aspect of effective B2B telemarketing because one can only go so far by pitching the right product to the wrong TG. There are many cases where even the best of products or services have failed miserably just because they were being pitted in the wrong arena. So, one must put in the extra effort to identify the target market and then go ahead with the B2B telemarketing campaign.

For instance, there might be a case that a pharmaceutical company can get better results from pitching their products to doctors compared to hospitals. In a bid to get more profits or orders in bulk, businesses may lose out on revenues. The basic idea is to understand that with increasing competition, one can’t afford to go wrong in any case. Working on one’s strengths is the ideal way to go ahead as well as achieve the desired objective. The next step is obviously to find out the decision maker and then contact them with the USPs of the product offering, as explained in the previous post, but starting off in the right direction is most important.

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