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Appointment Setting Services In India

The Battle Of Nerves Between Appointment Setting Services In India And The Call Screeners

appointment setting services in India
Call screeners present the biggest obstacle in the way of The Global Associates Appointment Setting Services In India from reaching the desired decision makers. These call screeners are placed specifically to stop any unsolicited sales person from wasting their superior’s time; yet passing them to get to the decision maker is crucial for appointment setting services in India. They strive to get their clients on the same table as the decision maker to enable them to present their case; the shorter they take to reach those important people, the better their chances of getting an appointment.

Tackling the call screeners:

Appointment setting services in India usually employ two ways to get past call screeners. They either try to bluff their way through by giving a false impression of their relationship with the decision maker, or they honestly state their purpose and try to convince the call screeners that a meeting with them would be beneficial for their organization. First method presents a shorter way of accomplishing their job, but they often get caught and the game is over right there. The second one offers a route that is much longer but once you convince the call screener, you are through. Here are a few tips for dealing with the gatekeepers.

  • Don’t make false promises:

Be honest while asking for references or referrals. Making any tall promises about your capabilities and the incentives you offer can backfire on you.

  • Be honest:

Bluffing their way through call screeners in order to get to the decision makers can prove costly for appointment setting services  in India. The call screeners are experienced people and would generally recognize a sales call. You lie and you are out instantly. Be honest about the intention of the call and state your purpose and designation. If the call screeners decide to let your call pass through to the decision maker, you have a chance of asking for an appointment.

  • Come straight to the point:

Don’t use any rhetoric or ornate language, state your purpose right away. Be to the point and absolutely honest about your company’s business and capabilities. Don’t waste their time, they are busy people.

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