Ways to make B2B telemarketing work. Ethically.

  With legal guidelines making things all the more difficult for companies that used B2B telemarketing to get more business, the situation is not looking too good. Sure, some firms can look at other avenues of marketing their products and services, but not everyone can afford other means. However, there are still ways in which […]

B2B Telemarketing: Tips to make it work (contd.)

Defining the target market is also an important aspect of effective B2B telemarketing, because one can only go so far by pitching the right product to the wrong TG. There are many cases where even the best of products or services have failed miserably just because they were being pitted in the wrong arena. So, […]

B2B telemarketing: Tips to make it work

The next step for effective B2B telemarketing is to work on one’s proposition. Simply put, there are many competitors in the same line of business, and barring a few exceptions, everyone is selling the same product or service. So one needs to figure out a way in which his product can be promoted in a […]