Free Trials to Sales Conversion

Giving free product trials is a great tactic for getting people to sit up and take notice of a brand. And the great thing is that one is never too apprehensive in trying new things when there’s no additional cost involved. For brands, it gives them a chance to touch base with new prospects and opens doors for conversations and conversions. However, the hard part here is to get free trial users to take the next step, i.e., make an enquiry about the product.

Fact is, even though the prospect has experienced the product and possibly seen benefits for the business, there might be a sense of hesitation. Maybe the prospect just forgot about it owing to the busy schedule. Which is why it’s important to follow up on all leads to ensure that responses and feedback are maintained for making improvements to the campaign and knowing how the market is reacting. Even though one might not close as many deals, this practice helps in taking things to the next level. And this is where The Global Associates come in. With our comprehensive trial to sales conversion services, your trial campaign can yield great results and drive home fantastic sales with very little effort on your part.


Marketing acumen

Our teams are well versed in top of the line marketing tactics, and know how to spread the word around for free trials

Consistent follow-ups

We regularly follow up to know customer feedback and push sales in a subtle but effective manner

Diverse experience

Our teams are experienced in all major industry verticals, so talking in technical terms is never a problem

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