How to be successful at B2B lead generation with social media

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B2B Lead Generation In IndiaThe trend of using social media for B2B lead generation is a really interesting phenomenon that one can witness in almost all kinds of organizations. One can use it for enhancing PR, building better customer relations, improving brand equity, helping SEO, and now for getting more business. However, companies involved in this practice are often disappointed when they measure their results in terms of B2B lead generation. The problem is that they are analyzing it from the point of view of the immensely measurable ROI that is characteristic of online marketing initiatives.

However, it’s important to understand that social media is analogous to the internet. One can’t be the sole owner and can definitely not do it only for the purpose of lead generation. There needs to be an integrated mix of all the above-mentioned activities, and this series is essentially about telling you how to leverage social to your advantage and get better business leads from the pool of prospects that holds seemingly limitless potential.

The first point to take care of is to strike the right balance. One certainly doesn’t want to have endless offers for their recipients. Because it would clearly mean that one is trying too hard to get their attention, and that hardly gives a positive impression. It’s imperative to find the right mix of information, insights, and exclusive offers or discounts. There’s no formula as such for hitting the jackpot, so one needs to be vigilant of industry trends and act accordingly.

Next, B2B lead generation through social media means one must have a social content bank that comprises valuable information like white papers, guides, checklists, and other collaterals like podcasts and videos that may be valuable to their TG. Perceptions mean everything in the present marketing scenario and if clients see the brand favorably, they are more than likely to prefer doing business with them. Working all of these into the social publishing schedule will get better interaction with current and prospective customers. And it makes sense to publish it on Facebook because if it can be used to get lead gen forms filled via online ads and PPC campaigns, it’s definitely worth a shot when it comes to B2B lead generation on social platforms.

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