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Importance Of Judging A Prospect’s Motivation Level For Lead Generation Services

Prospect’s Motivation Level For Lead Generation Services
Judging a prospect’s motivation level is an important part of the job of The Global Associates Lead Generation Services. Even if a customer has certain pain points and is willing to discuss them, it often doesn’t translate into a sale, a fact lead generation services must understand. One always gets customers who are likely to persist with their problems for years without doing anything about them. If you keep following up with them without ascertaining their motivation level, you will perhaps only be wasting your time and resources. Learning the art of knowing how to judge if a customer actually possesses motivation to do something about alleviating their pain is really very important.

Prospects with low motivation levels:

It will help your cause immensely if you can categorize the customers who are likely to live with their problems for some time to come. Categorizing them under different heads is necessary so that lead generation services may devote their time on the clients that are more likely to buy from them. Some of them could be:

  • Prospects lacking internal support
  • Those with a cash crunch
  • Executives lacking adequate knowledge about the industry
  • Those who lack courage to embrace necessary changes
  • Lacking experience of the business

Most of these prospects actually want to alleviate their problems, however, their motivation levels are not high enough to make the efforts. This makes them live with their problems for a very long time without doing anything to resolve them.

Judging motivation levels:

Lead generation services need to quickly ascertain if a client is motivated enough to buy from them right away. You can begin with trying to prompt the client to move forward with you towards the next step in the sales cycle. The signs will say a lot about their motivation levels. Do they show any interest if you offer to make a PowerPoint presentation? Do they honor their commitment for a meeting? Are they ready to invest time and move forward towards a final deal? If there is any visible reluctance, it’s time you move on and concentrate on other leads.

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