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Inside Sales Outsourcing

Inside Sales Outsourcing: Maximizing Conversions From Teleprospecting Lists

By June 11, 2013March 16th, 2023No Comments

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The second point with regards to inside sales outsourcing is the fact that one needs to start with a clean slate. Once the list has been reviewed by the team for any kind of do not disturb numbers, it’s important for the tele prospectors too, to give a look over to the list. Further to this, when the actual calling starts, it’s necessary for the calling team to update the sheet with accurate statuses so that the warm and hot leads stand a higher chance of conversion. Also, after the list is imported into a CRM (another reason why companies rely on inside sales outsourcing), there’s another chance to refine the data even further.

How the lists are sorted and the criteria that is chosen goes a long way in reaching the right contacts faster, and if one can identify a pattern within a particular industry or with people at a particular level in the hierarchy, the efforts can be better rewarded by channelizing energies in a direction where there are maximum returns. This alone can make a difference between sifting through thousands of entries or just getting the job done with a couple of hundreds!

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