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Lead Generation For B2Bs: 2 Powerful Methods In 2023

The objective of the B2B lead generation process is to identify the prospective buyers of your products or services and try to turn them into qualified leads. We discuss two powerful methods of Lead Generation For B2Bs- inbound and outbound marketing- that will help you generate quality leads in a flash.

The fact that the process of lead generation is fundamental to the success of any business is well understood by reputed B2B lead generation companies like The Global Associates. Effective tools and methods are thus employed by these experienced B2B lead generation companies to create quality fresh opportunities and contribute to the organization’s growth in the year 2023. 

An important job:

Lead generators work to identify and qualify potential customers for your business. The first important step is always to try and build credibility with people who would likely find value in using your products or services. It is a multi-stage process:

  • Approaching the prospective buyers
  • Qualifying leads
  • Making proposals, and
  • Getting appointments from desired decision makers for the sales team to have discussions with them.

Tools and techniques:

B2B lead generation process aims at creating quality B2B sales leads. Lead generators must use different tools and techniques to make their lead generation effort more effective and result-oriented. We discuss here two main lead generation ways- inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation. First, let us talk about the two types of B2B sales leads:

a) Marketing-qualified leads or MQLs:

Targeted leads that need little effort to turn into paying customers. Their engagement with the marketing team is the basis of identifying them, such as-

-Frequent visitors to a page on the company website

-Prospects willingly filling a form (or multiple forms) on the organization’s website

-Visitors find certain content displayed on the company website interesting for downloading

-People keen to attend your company’s event or webinar 

b) Sales-qualified leads or SQLs:

MQLs having progressed through the funnel and are considered ready for engagement are termed as SQLs. They must show clear intent to buy from you in the following ways, then they are called engagement-ready –

-Having telephone conversations with your sales rep

– Communicating through an email expressing a desire to use your product or service

-Requesting through some other channel to know more about your products

-Asking for a demo of your product

Lead Generation For B2Bs

Effective methods of Lead Generation For B2Bs in India:

We generally classify B2B leads based on the mode of generation-

  • Inbound leads, and
  • Outbound leads

Inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation: Similarities and differences:

We discuss here the similarities and differences between inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation. Also discussed are their comparative benefits, and how lead generation services can employ them to create more leads.

The main differences:

  • Inbound lead generation is basically ‘pull’ marketing, and outbound marketing is ‘push’ marketing.
  • Lead generation companies encourage prospects to reach out to you for more information as part of inbound lead generation. They can ask for demos or make purchases. You pull leads to your website.
  • As part of outbound lead generation, you reach out to customers instead. You can use channels like advertising, emails, phone calls, etc. So, you push out your brand to the customers.
  • You sought the prospect’s permission to have interaction in inbound lead generation, also termed ‘permission marketing’. On the other hand, you directly reach out to the customers in outbound lead generation, also known as ‘interruption marketing’.

Characteristics of Inbound lead generation:

  • Objective is to educate the prospects about your offerings 
  • Proactively encouraging the customers to interact with you 
  • Offering unique, valuable content to attract customers
  • Requesting the customer’s permission for interacting with you

Characteristics of Outbound lead generation:

  • Proactively selling the company’s product or service to the customer
  • A one-way communication with the prospects
  • Investing money strategically in advertising and other means to attract leads
  • Sending regular messages to cause interruption as a strategy

Some great inbound lead generation techniques:

Inbound lead generation allows the customer to choose the time and place of interaction. Higher success rates and shorter sales cycles are highlights of these leads. B2B lead generation companies can adopt the following techniques for achieving their targets:

  • Search engine optimization SEO
  • Well-researched content marketing based on customer requirements
  • Use of social media channels
  • Email marketing

Some effective outbound lead generation methods:

One-way communication is the hallmark of outbound marketing, used for big-ticket products. Getting a positive response is often not possible since you are interrupting the decision-makers in their routine life. You should expect a comparatively low success rate and longer sales cycles, however, outbound lead generation is still best suited for long-term engagement and targeted audience. Lead generation services can adopt some of the following techniques that are very effective:

  • Contact syndication on multiple influential platforms 
  • Using social media channels and social contacts for promotion 
  • Time-tested techniques like cold calling and cold emailing
  • Strategically going for paid advertising and campaign marketing

About The Global Associates (TGA):

Global Associates offers lead generation and demand generation solutions. By working with us, you can increase the productivity of your sales team. Using Account Based Marketing (ABM), our team of experienced sales and marketing professionals uses a 360º approach. Engage well with your target audience with Global Associates’ strategy, technology, and operations!  Marketing automation, direct Email marketing, hyper-personalized Emails to maximize impact, LinkedIn outreach, and conversational marketing are just some of the services we offer.

Inbound and outbound marketing can help you generate quality leads for accelerating your business growth. Using either or both of these methods, lead generation companies should better understand and segment prospects and leads.

Making your Lead Generation For B2Bs effort more result-oriented and successful requires combining both inbound and outbound lead generation methods.


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