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Lead Generation In India: 2 Tips To Deal With Cancelled Appointments

Getting appointments with the desired decision makers is the first step towards boosting lead generation in India. A face to face meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss the needs and pain points of the prospect and present your customized solution to alleviate their problems. Having bagged the deal, you can ask your clients for referrals that come in handy for further enhancing The Global Associates lead generation in India.

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Lead Generation In India: 2 Tips To Deal With Cancelled Appointments

A golden opportunity:

As mentioned above, an appointment is an important opportunity; so there is a deep sense of disappointment when a prospect cancels a proposed meeting at the last moment. It’s natural to assume that the prospect is not interested anymore and the effort you put in is wasted. However, a knee-jerk reaction never helps and it’s not quite right to assume in a hurry that you have lost the lead. Here are some tips to deal with such situations with equanimity

  • Have patience:

If you lose patience easily, you might lose business as well. Reading too much into a missed appointment is like seeing a snake in every rope. The decision makers today are extremely busy people; you may be figuring low on their priority list right now. So, you must have a little patience and react with a cool head. Try for another appointment and see where things go from there. Boosting lead generation in India is impossible if you keep panicking at every step.

  • Try out higher level decision makers:

Even if a lower level decision maker shows disinterest and the deal is really important; give it yet another try by approaching a higher level decision maker. Find a way to convince them about the suitability of your product or service for their organization, you might still taste success and get a big deal.

A missed appointment is another opportunity to enhance lead generation in India. Finding your way through hurdles and difficulties is a quality you should learn sooner rather than later if you want to stay ahead of competition.