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A lot of stuff is available on the internet about b2b lead generation techniques for B2B, however, finding real substance from all the crap is just like searching a needle in a room full of straw. The business scenario has undergone a sea change over the last two decades, most old techniques have become obsolete and there is a need to reorganize some others that may still be useful.

Technology has thrown in a few powerful options as far as lead generation techniques for B2B are concerned, one needs to use all these techniques in tandem to taste real success. It is very important to understand that the basis of your success is the leads you generate and all these techniques will be effective only if you are able to reach the sources of these leads and get the best out of them.
Let us discuss here some of the best B2B lead generation techniques , both old and new, techniques that will provide the best quality leads in abundance.

Lead Generation Techniques For B2B


  • Networking with a strategy:
B2B Lead Generation Techniques  : Networking with a Strategy
Lead Generation Techniques For B2B : Networking with a strategy

Lead generation is all about getting in touch with people and developing sustained business relationships with them. This makes networking an essential tool for lead generators. Despite the availability of new technologies and use of innovative strategies, relationship marketing is still the most effective method for lead generation.

You connect with people and fresh leads are generated from these connections. Try to network with a long term strategy and add to your list of contacts people that are vital for your business.

  • Use social media:

Lead Generation Techniques For B2B
Social media is the new town square where you meet people and develop relationships. It provides a platform for staying in touch with decision makers and prospective customers without actually going out and meeting them. Even though most studies suggest that social media is not a very effective source for generating leads, you cannot discount its importance for the purpose.
It is of course true that just having an account on these platforms is not enough to generate high quality leads, but you can achieve a lot of success if you use this source strategically and with a sense of purpose. For example, giving direct links of your website on your facebook page or allowing people to signup for a newsletter from here can provide you with loads of emails, a great source of leads.
Similarly, you can join specific groups on LinkedIn and get in touch with the people most likely to be your leads. Be active on such groups by asking and answering queries and you will land up many quality leads. There are tools in LinkedIn that can help you in your endeavor to generate more leads than you could imagine.

  • Event management:
Lead Generation Techniques For B2B : Event management
Lead Generation Techniques For B2B : Event Management

Event management, according to many studies, is one of the most effective lead generation techniques for B2B that brings in the most and the best leads. Such events give you an opportunity to interact directly with the prospects and answer their concerns and queries.
You can organize trade shows showcasing your capabilities and having discussions with the prospective clients. These shows are the best sources of top quality leads but they are very expensive and smaller organizations cannot afford them easily. There are other inexpensive options also that still give you a chance to be in direct touch with the customers. You can organize seminars or webinars that are inexpensive but can provide you with a lot of quality leads.
The basic purpose of these seminars/ webinars is not selling but to educate the audience. You can take up any specific challenge and arrange a session to answer the queries of the prospects, they in turn approach you to solve their issues.

  • Make use of content writing:
Lead Generation Techniques For B2B : Content Writing:
Lead Generation Techniques For B2B : Content Writing

A study shows that more than 90% of B2B lead generators today use content writing and that is not surprising at all. The decision makers are very well informed in this internet age, there is no better way to reach out to them than using the search engine optimization technique or other such means. You can easily redirect their queries to your website through various search engines like Google or Youtube. Once they signup, you have a readymade lead.

Start writing regular blogs on specific topics and try answering queries of your prospects by writing more blogs. You can also create videos of your product or service and upload them or distribute free to the clients.

  • Plan marketing automation:
Lead Generation Techniques For B2B : Marketing Automation
Lead Generation Techniques For B2B : Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the future of lead generation industry. It is costly no doubt, but it’s worth the money if you can afford it. Automation helps you all the way from market research to lead generation and management and from campaign analysis to lead nurturing and qualification.
However, the technology is expensive as mentioned earlier and is quite complicated as well as you need to set up several processes before you can expect to get the best out of it. It’s best to be sure that you can use marketing automation to its full potential before investing your hard earned money in the costly technology.

A lot of factors decide which type of lead generation techniques for B2B would be most effective for an organization. You can generate quality leads by using some or all of the above-mentioned techniques in tandem. Lead generation is hard work but using the right tactics and appropriate technologies can ensure the best results.

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