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Necessity Of Judging Customer’s Motivation For B2B Lead Generation Companies

The Global Associates B2B Lead Generation Companies constantly strive hard to generate quality leads for their clients to help them grow their business. However, many B2B lead generation companies commit a very basic mistake; that is to devote equal time to each prospect without judging their motivation level. Often we suppose that once the prospect has a nice long discussion with us, they would in all likelihood go ahead and award the deal. This is a false presumption. The truth is that if the customer is not motivated enough, they may live with their pain for a long time. In this case, no matter how well you present your case or how many times you meet the prospect, you are not going to take this lead much further.

Judging Customer’s Motivation For B2B Lead Generation Companies

How to judge a customer’s motivation For B2B Lead Generation Companies:

Many prospects will talk nicely and show interest in your product/ service but only to keep you hanging in mid air without actually buying from you. This will cost you time and resources without really gaining anything. So, it’s mighty important to judge a customer’s motivation before you start pursuing the lead. The best way is to break down the factors of motivation and see how your customer scores on those fronts. Some of these factors could be as follows:

  • Does the prospect have internal support to go ahead with their plan to solve their pain?
  • Do they have enough money to implement such a plan?
  • Do they have the know how to adopt the solution?
  • Do they have the courage and experience to go forward to embrace something revolutionary?

Try taking the customer forward and see if they are willing to come along with you in the sales process. Taking a step at a time will save you a lot of precious time. A customer unwilling to follow you is not worth wasting your energy and resources. Keep them in a follow-up program but devote your time on other more motivated customers.

The job of B2B lead generation companies is very tough with intensifying competition and a prolonged economic slump; going forward without judging a prospect’s motivation level can really hit them hard. It’s a huge challenge to try to move an unmotivated customer forward and may not be worth your effort and time.

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