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Inside Sales Outsourcing
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The whole point if inside sales outsourcing in India is to ensure that companies that don’t have the expertise to close sales over the phone get the right kind of manpower to help them get closer to their business targets. However, there are quite a few hindrances when such a process is being put into place. The first among these is to ensure that the sales process is defined. Suppose there are 20 members in the team, there would be 20 different ways to understand the brand offering, and consequently, market it to the TG.

Hence, it’s up to the client that is availing the services of the firm handling inside sales outsourcing in India to properly brief the team, that can then brainstorm among themselves regarding the best way forward. Sometimes, this most basic step ensures that all the man hours being spent are put to good use and lead to a lot more productive campaign. Secondly, once the process has been established, it’s important to take the best practices in terms of steps and convert them into, for the lack of a better word, playbook.

This playbook can encompass topics like dealing with the gatekeeper, identifying the decision maker, etc., and serve as the master file for all inside sales outsourcing campaigns in the future. It is also time to script out all parts of the practice, with special focus on things like voice mails, emails and objection handling. This equips sales representatives with the necessary intel to get the prospects interested in the brand offering. This also helps them in situations that sales reps would face almost 80% to 90% of the times. Another benefit of this process is that reps are able to qualify prospects in a better manner, hence closing the deals is also easier.

Once both sales reps as well as executives dealing with prospects are able to follow a master plan, it solves a lot of problems like inconsistent progress and ineffective methodologies. Managers can also target problem areas and design plans to improve upon them. With each step being defined and objective, it’s easier to evaluate performance as well ensure the process constantly evolves and improves. Inside sales outsourcing in India entails all this and just a bit of persistence & hard-work to make things work for practically any organization. Understandably, companies are apprehensive about outsourcing critical processes like sales. However, once these basic principles are applied, it’s smooth sailing all the way!

Prospective lists are a great ways to attract new business, but one needs to know the tactics of inside sales outsourcing to get the maximum mileage out of them.

There’s really nothing wrong with lists. In fact, they are necessary to succeed in getting more leads. Even in case an organization decides to opt for inside sales outsourcing, lists are certainly going to be the primary focus of the team that will work towards getting more leads. A new list brings with it many interesting opportunities to get more business and consequently, gives a better perspective of the situation at hand. However, the problem comes when the calling team begins what is commonly referred to as ‘thoughtless dialing’, i.e., the act of just calling one number after the other with no sense of purpose or strategy.

True, inside sales outsourcing companies impart a great deal of training to their executives, which essentially makes them so good. But firms need to give the team time to analyze the data being given before calling. This is a must-have on the part of the organization that is giving the responsibility to an external party. At first, the internal team on the client side would obviously go through the list before giving it forward.

However, even after sending it ahead and giving approvals, the inside sales outsourcing team just doesn’t begin calling. The calling team is given a day or two, or maybe even more depending on the size of the list, to come up with a strategy to call. This little delay pays off quite well when one sees the results, since the trick lies in paying attention to the nuances like updating the contact status to ensure that warm and hot leads are followed up upon and cold leads are discarded, to improve the overall efficiency of the team and reach the targets faster without having to either spend more resources or wait for longer periods of time.

It’s important for organizations to understand, before taking a call on lead generation outsourcing, whether they want to follow the nomad or settler philosophy.

With time, there have been many approaches adopted by lead generation outsourcing firms to get to the desired objective for their clients. The difference is basically in terms of how the business leads are treated, which often is the deciding factor towards knowing whether the business would flourish or not.

The first approach is that of a nomad, wherein the lead generation outsourcing firm focuses on primary sources. Taking the example of an organization that provides raw material for sports goods, one would focus on areas where the most rewarding leads can be found. Appointments would constantly be set up with new prospects in case certain regions display a spurt in interest.

Coming to the second lead generation outsourcing philosophy, i.e., the settlers. These are people who are not just focused on production but also on the ability to survive while resources renew themselves. The lead generation strategy is not just focused on getting new buyers, but on sustaining the present leads and converting them into repeat customers by controlling marketing strategies and channelizing them in the right direction.

Both these approaches have their share of good and bad instances. In case of nomads, the perennial hunt for new leads results in a swarming behavior. This results in customers not relying on the brand since they have seen the trend that as soon as the firm gets their business, it puts them at a lower priority. However, if the firm follows the settler concept, it risks falling into the trap of relying too much on a particular set of clients, often ignoring the fact that they can also consider other options.

Hence, in the end, it’s all about figuring out the right balance between these two ideologies to get the perfect mix of aggression and sustenance for lasting business growth.

Even though inside sales outsourcing is critical to the success of a company, many organizations are still stuck in the rut of conventional thinking.

There are many firms that still believe in the conventional idea of hiring a sales team and using different tactics to attract customers to increase business. While there is nothing wrong with this notion when one has quite a substantial amount to spend and the best resources, one can’t stop to think whether this kind of utopia exists in every situation. Unfortunately, the answer is not affirmative! However, there exists a solution in the form of inside sales outsourcing, which can guarantee success at a very nominal investment.

The number one advantage is that customers are automatically handed over to the firm by the inside sales outsourcing company. The latter can give better results since they have experience and expertise in the domain, and if one were to hire salespersons of the same caliber, it would mean spending a lot of money on a wild goose chase, since there’s always a chance of the campaign failing. Regardless of what the result, the salaries would still have to be paid, and one can’t just lay off the sales team just like that. However, when one talks about outsourcing the process, the company knows that its revenues are directly proportional to the kind of results. Hence, there’s better monitoring and a more evolved strategy in place.

Inside sales outsourcing also works out to give better ROI because in case employees are hired, it’s not just the salaries that need to be paid. One also needs to invest in setting up the entire infrastructure, not to mention the recurring maintenance and energy costs. However, when the process is outsourced, one can even operate from a small office with only critical people on the payroll. Hence, from every aspect, it’s quite clear that the inside sales process can really pay off great results if it is outsourced, and also give better ROI.

Integrating the inside sales outsourcing process with the regular sales process can be quite a task, and as much as businesses would like to ensure that the two teams work in cohesion with each other, achieving such a combination seems to always be a wild goose chase. This is basically because the teams are constantly vying for accounts, sales and territories, and often, both spend a tremendous amount of time and effort, only to come up with lower than expected results.

However, it’s not impossible to combine the inside sales outsourcing team with the on-board sales team. The first thing to ensure this merger is to make a system wherein both the teams report to the same executive. This way, there won’t be a clash of priorities and responsibilities, and both teams would be able to work jointly towards the same objective, since they would be delegated completely different roles. The executive overseeing the teams would also make sure that there is no similarity in job profiles, automatically avoiding any heated arguments. Next, it’s important to clarify the situation wherein employees think that someone from the other team will take credit for their work, or squabble over a profile or account since they feel that the same holds tremendous prospects. It’s best to give everyone plenty of opportunities and reassure them that dividing the accounts would help them in getting better prospects, and that everyone’s performance would be equally appreciated and rewarded suitably.

Another problem with inside sales outsourcing is that compensation is often a controversial topic. Many times, businesses make the mistake of either paying the team too little in comparison to the on-board sales team, or too much, i.e., at par with the sales team. It’s necessary to find the right mix, rewarding both teams in a ‘like’ manner, so that there is no resentment or hard feelings.

Although voicemail is not seen as the ideal medium by inside sales outsourcing companies, the select few that know how to attract prospects with this medium are immensely successful at driving great success for their clients.

The concept of inside sales has certainly revolutionized the entire sales universe, if one can call it that. However, this change has also brought with it many challenges, the primary one being the constant need for evolution. About a decade ago, voicemail was a great way of getting in touch with prospects, leaving messages, etc. However, with the inception of emails, this ubiquitous communication goldmine has certainly taken a backseat, as people hit the delete. However, the fact that voicemail is not relied upon as a meaningful by inside sales outsourcing agencies actually means that it can become a veritable treasure trove for the few companies that still use it.

But first, one needs to keep some things in mind to ensure that. To begin with, it’s important to be really specific in the message, so that the person’s gets interested right from the word ‘go’! To be honest, inside sales outsourcing via voicemail is a lot like email marketing, where one needs to reel the prospect in right from the time he/she reads the subject line and headline. Secondly, spontaneity might be a winner when it comes to telemarketing, but in terms of voicemail, it’s best to use a script, so that one does not miss out on vital points. Since it’s more or less like a ‘make or break’ situation, it’s best to get it right in the first go.

Also, one must mention the problem and then talk about the solution in the same pitch. This way, the prospect would know what the business needs to counter its present challenges, and would be more receptive to hearing the pitch. Quite obviously, this means that one would have to do a bit of research, but in the end, it would be worth it all, since the results would more or less make up for the investment and inside sales outsourcing efforts on the part of the agency to which the task has been outsourced.


Telemarketing scripts are the nemesis of the desire to achieve the business objectives. It’s much better to opt for inside sales outsourcing and get a sure-shot means to reach the target.

Telephone scripts have been mistakenly thought of as the perfect means to get prospects interested in the product or service being offered. However, the fact is that this mode of garnering leads is absolutely outdated, as the person receiving the call also experienced many such calls by now. This negates the possibility of getting any success in one’s endeavors, as the element of surprise is clearly missing. It is particularly for this purpose that inside sales outsourcing is increasingly being looked upon as a way to continue leveraging telemarketing as a medium to drive sales.

Even if one is as expert orator, speaking from a script more or less gives the whole plot away, as the mechanical tone of voice eventually shows. Quite obviously, in today’s era of personalization, nobody appreciates being spoken to like just another prospect. Now, if one goes for inside sales outsourcing, the professionals that undertake the initiative are well versed with the different kinds of telemarketing tactics, which translates to better results.

Surprisingly, there are many who believe that memorizing the script, or remembering the basic pointers, would give better results compared to actually reading the script. However, the fact of the matter is that the same characteristics eventually show. For instance, the person may begin repeating the same words or phrases, which thoroughly irritates the other person. In simple words, a tale-calling script would only work if the other person, i.e., the prospect also has a script. That way, the conversation can be truly fruitful! But since that obviously can’t happen, the next best thing is to go for inside sales outsourcing and be free from the hassles of trying to achieve business objectives by trusting the experts to get the job done with their experience and skill set. It is often stated that one should leave the most critical tasks to the experts. In this scenario, this is exactly what is needed to surge ahead of competition.

Inside sales outsourcing is such a great success because of the simple reason that the professionals who are engaged in these activities know the kind of questions that will trigger the appropriate response.

The entire process of generating leads and converting them to sales is quite a cumbersome task. However, it’s also very important to ensure that leads keep coming in, sothat business does not suffer. Now, it’s not always possible for companies to ensure that the right kind of prospects are identified and contacted. It’s more or less like a hit and trial situation. But when it comes to sustaining profitability, this kind of an approach is often not the best way forward, since one needs to be sure of how the business will reach its objective in the times to come. For this purpose, the concept of inside sales outsourcing is proving to be quite effective.

One of the mail reasons why firms specializing in providing inside sales outsourcing services are so good at their job (and consequently, a lot better than their client’s sales team) is because the professionals who are involved in the process know the nuances of how to get the results that are expected out of them. The first and most important point in the entire scheme of things is knowing which questions will trigger the desired response. This will not only save time and effort, but also help in getting better results with a relatively direct approach.

For instance, asking the person upfront ‘are you the decision maker’ is likely to get a much better response compared to speaking in the third person, i.e., ‘I would like to speak to the decision maker.’ Another example of how lead generation outsourcing is effective is by quoting examples while selling, like ‘most of our customers order the software with a 3rd year extended warranty for better cost of ownership in the long run. Is this how you would also want to do it?’ Simple tactics like these make such specialist firms extremely effective in their job, and aid in achieving the desired objective, much to the delight of their customers.

Driving great results from inside sales outsourcing is not as hard as it sounds. All that is needed is proper planning right from the initial stages.

Before taking a call on inside sales outsourcing, it’s extremely important to understand why so few companies succeed on the same ground while so many others fail. The difference, in this regard, is one of addressing issues that need to be resolved before even taking the first step. If this is not done, only a miracle can prevent the entire project from falling flat on its face.

The first task towards ensuring successful inside sales outsourcing endeavors is to define the specific objectives. One must know what needs to be ultimately accomplished. There are many people who just approach an inside sales firm and ask them to see if they can help in driving sales forward without any insight into their business or offering(s). It is important to understand that the objective needs to be well thought out, and for the first six months, the organization and the inside sales firm need to collaborate and evaluate the progress at every step. This is only possible when the goals are defined for the team. Breaking up the objective into sub-objectives, so to speak, is also a great initiative, as it gives the professionals working on the project a more realistic picture.

Another important step for inside sales outsourcing to be successful is to decide the kind of people one wants to call. One can’t possibly expect the inside sales firm to decide on its own, since they certainly don’t know the business as well as the people who are operating it. Segmenting the divisions according to the different kinds of offerings is also a smart move, since it allows for a more specialized approach, with individuals specifically trained in their line of products. A lot of IT companies often follow this methodology.

Just by giving proper attention to these couple of factors, one can drive great benefits from sales outsourcing.

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Analyzing the activity of the organization that one is considering for inside sales outsourcing is extremely important, since there is certainly no better way to find out about the capabilities of the reps that will actually be handling the entire activity.

The process of inside sales outsourcing is essentially based on the idea of keeping a track of how the entire activity is proceeding. There are many organizations that specialize in providing these services, but very few actually have the capacity to carry out the entire activity as smoothly as one should. Now, it’s not just important to keep track of things. What matters is that one should keep track of important things.

Quite often , it so happens that when asked for their inside sales outsourcing results from other clients, companies come up with how many calls are being made by each rep or how much time is being spent on each call. These are just statistics, and have no bearing whatsoever on the success rate of the activity. This is not to state that they aren’t important at all. Of course, making a healthy number of calls every day is of utmost importance, but these statistics are not the ones that drive sales. This is simply because what matters is how a rep handles a sale, and not the activities that are being done while the person one is pitching to, is still a prospect.In this regard, one needs to be sure that the rep is capable of managing sales in the right manner.

For this purpose, post the inside sales outsourcing proposition/pitch being presented before a organization, the person in charge must visit the premises of the third party company and monitor the behavior of the sales reps, since there is simply no other way to find out the truth!

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