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Strategic Sales Solutions
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Strategic sales solutions have the potential of exponentially increasing a firm’s revenues, provided that the pitfalls are avoided.

Creating the right kind of leads funnel is, quite paradoxically, both extremely important for business and one of its hardest aspects. For the most part, it’s getting more difficult by the day because of the increasing competition, but regardless of the ‘why’, the more critical part is the ‘how’. How can companies implement strategic sales solutions to gather more prospects, convert them into consumers and achieve their targets? Of late, technology has been seen as a powerful tool to help empower the teams towards better efficiency.

Unfortunately, the senior management, which is supposed to be more experienced and capable of making better decisions than anybody else, has the tendency to get carried away, so to speak, every time a powerful sales automation presentation is made. A huge investment needs to be made, and one also needs to pay a consultant to show the team how to use the new software. However, while that may be necessary, it does not mean that the existing system, if existing, is absolutely obsolete. There can be cases when the same software can be upgraded to achieve similar results. In some cases, the existing system is actually better than the new one in terms of usage. Sure, the new one might have more features, but it’s the team that has to use them. So, if the new system is not as user friendly as the existing one, it’s probably best to wait for some time till an upgrade comes.Further, if the existing software can be integrated with the new one, there’s nothing like it!

Whatever decision that is taken must be aimed at enhancing productivity for the entire team, and not just merely because it’s the latest industry benchmark. If the team’s core competencies are not being enhanced, then it’s better to save the expenses and look at other options to empower the team.

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While it may be hard to imagine, first person shooter games and strategic sales solutions actually have a lot in common.

There are many who believe that first person shooter video games are not just a means of entertainment, but a way to sharpen one’s intellect. When it comes to strategic sales solutions in particular, there’s a lot to learn, particularly with regards to lead generation. For instance, even an amateur gamer can tell you that one needs to choose the weapon wisely, so that the mission can be completed. Take that into the business world and it means that one needs to choose from the different kinds of tactics available to get the job done.

Another similarity between first person shooter games and executing strategic sales solutions is that timing is everything. At times, one needs to take decisions instantly, while at other times, it’s important to be patient and wait for the right opportunity. Often, one gets just the single shot, so to speak, and it’s important to make it count. Also, sometimes the strategy (weapon) one chooses may only be effective for a certain period of time, so it’s best to get the maximum benefit out of the same.

These kind of games are also all about taking the aim correctly, since that is necessary to achieve the objective. Similarly, when it comes to implementing strategic sales solutions, one needs to identify the target very effectively, since the direction in which one needs to focus must be the correct one, or else all the resources, time and effort would be a waste. Using the right tools like contact lists and mailing databases is the next step in this regard, just like one buys better accessories in a game to get better results. And lastly, just like one can save the game at certain points and start over from there, it’s also sometimes necessary to have a back-up plan so that if something goes wrong, there’s always the option of making another attempt.

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Using strategic sales solutions to increase revenues requires making the most of every level to convert maximum leads.

There’s no denying the fact that sales is the most important aspect of business for any firm, for generating revenues is what it’s all about, at the end of the day. However, implementing strategic sales solutions is not as easy as it sounds, although one can certainly simplify the overall strategy. The first step in this regard is to ensure that one first has a verbal or written commitment for an appointment. Many salespersons get so excited at the prospect of an appointment that they begin asking all sorts of questions.

It’s important to realize that using strategic sales solutions entails making face to face contact and then getting all the information out. Often, under the pretext of preparing well for the meeting, one tends to overdo and overthink, so to speak. The fact of the matter is that one must qualify the lead only when there’s little or no scope for a meeting. Once the prospect has agreed for an appointment, it’s best to leave it at that and save all the questions for the face to face interaction. True, one would certainly have to ask a couple of questions like how are decisions made at the organization, if the prospect wants a senior or technical person at the meeting, etc. Basically, all the questions need to be targeted at making the other person feel in control.

Next up, using a direct approach while implementing strategic sales solutions is to stop beating around the bush and going in for the kill, so to speak. Nobody has the time to talk much, so it’s best to get right to the point and tell the person what the call is all about. The opening statement needs to be short and crisp, so that neither person’s time is wasted, and one can gauge whether or not it makes sense to go ahead with the call.

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Utilizing strategic sales solutions is the order of the day for firms. However, if one has to drive maximum benefit, some basic points need to be taken into consideration.

Account planning plays a vital role in implementing strategic sales solutions, and one needs to do the homework property to get the results. Every member of the team needs to be in sync with the entire process so as to achieve the objective together, and the cycle begins with profiling the customer one would approach. This is nothing short of an organization asset and needs to be gathered with utmost precision, since it would form the base of the future strategy.

The next step in strategic sales solutions planning is analysis of the accumulated data. This empowers the sales team to approach the customers in a better manner. This includes understanding the current factors that are around the customer and can influence the buying decision. These include the financial conditions, product positioning, competitive factors, etc. This is followed by understanding which buttons, need to be pushed, for the lack of a better term, to ensure that the customer makes the purchase. One basically needs to align the product pitch in tune with the customer’s needs to ensure that the latter sees it as a great value for money proposition that will resolve the issue at hand. For many businesses, this is a make or break step.

Strategic sales solutions also entail that the team should zero in on the message that is going to be delivered and then formulate the plan of action around the same. At the same time, it should be ensured that the message is clear and crisp, in line with the brand proposition. Following this, one needs to brainstorm with the team about the possibilities that can be implemented to create a differentiating factor that can help a business surge ahead of competition. A balance must be found between thinking outside the box and what is actually possible. Once that is done, the road ahead is paved with successes.

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In order to make the most of strategic sales solutions, one needs to be in the right place at the right time.

Getting the right kind of prospects that can be easily converted is not the easiest of tasks, but if one utilizes strategic sales solutions, it’s not all that difficult as well! The simple tactic is to find the right trigger that will induce an action on the part of the prospect. Research has shown that being at the right place at the right time is the most rewarding proposition in business. However, it’s important to identify the triggers that will essentially help in making sales.

The first most important trigger is when a new product or service is launched, or is about to be launched. Quite obviously, the company behind the launch needs all kinds of support – marketing, technical, logistics, etc. In such a scenario, one can utilize strategic sales solutions to really get ahead in business. Hence, it’s important to stay up to date with the recent happenings in the industry one is targeting, to strike when the iron is hot! A full proof way to locate companies that are about to get really active in brand promotions is when they start hiring sales reps.

Strategic sales solutions are also a great hit and deliver better results when a new venture is being floated. This is basically even better than a product launch, since a new company would obviously need a lot more support than one that already exists. One just needs to be on the lookout for news, which is not as hard as finding out about new product launches. Also, the best part is, thanks to the advent of the internet, one can find out practically everything about anything. Many organizations have driven extraordinary results with these simple tactics, and the opportunities only keep getting bigger and better. The only thing that matters is how can an organization make the most of these opportunities to surge ahead in business.

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In order to ensure that one is utilizing strategic sales solutions in the best possible manner, it’s important to understand that conventional wisdom is often not as effective in getting the job done as new age thinking.

The traditional concept of hot, warm and cold leads is slowly diminishing in the present context, since organizations understand that giving up on a cold lead is just not the smartest move. Earlier, strategic sales solutions fundamentals used to insist on pursuing only the hot leads. Gradually, the concept of warm leads also came into the picture, as things were getting difficult with the increasing competition. Today, even cold leads are not completely ignored, or at least that’s the way it should be. This is simply because the rate at which competition is increasing and the manner in which the number of prospects are increasing are way apart, i.e., there’s more competition than the increase in prospects.

In a scenario like this, the prevalent strategic sales solutions are certainly not going to be as helpful as a slightly modified approach would be. The traditional definition of a cold lead is one that might be in the target market, but has no interest in purchasing the product or service. A warm lead is one that is from the target market, may or may not have a similar product, and is interested in buying or upgrading. A hot lead, the salesperson’s dream, is a prospect that requires the product or service extremely urgently.

However, today when a lead is pursued, even if the person at the other end refuses point blank, effective salespersons do not just give up on the pitch, but instead take a different question-answer route, asking about the business model, the kinds of product or service they have, and then try to prove the superiority of their offering. With the kind of research tools that are available and the internet at everyone’s disposal, more and more avenues are opening up to counter the competitor’s offering and prove that one’s product or service is superior. All it takes is the implementation of new-age strategic sales solutions and a little extra effort.

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 In order for strategic sales solutions to deliver the desired impact, it is important for businesses to understand the importance of quantifying their business proposition.

In order to fully reap the benefits of strategic sales solutions, organizations must understand the importance of giving the prospective customers/clients a clear picture of how their product or service is going to help their business, and it’s important that this picture needs to be as clear as can be. Owing to the tremendous competition that prevails in the marketplace today, the entity that will walk always with the most accolades is generally the one that prospects feel would help their business grow.

Also, research has shown that businesses which have the maximum brand equity are the ones who have built a reputation for themselves – that of being the ones who offer products or services that help other businesses grow. The gist of the whole story is that strategic sales solutions are all about quantifying the business proposition. This process, so to speak, encompasses three steps:

  • First of all, businesses have to bring out the benefits of their proposition in their communication. Strategic sales solutions can play a major role in this regard, by position the USPs of the product in an impactful manner. For instance, if a business is into legal process outsourcing (LPO), it can emphasize on the fact that clients would never have to worry about legal complications and hassles, and can continue to focus on their business.
  • Secondly, a case study of sorts can be developed, preferably drawing conclusion from a real-life event. For instance, if an entity is into process automation, it can highlight the effects automating processes can have on the overall efficiency of the company.
  • Lastly, it is important to understand the ‘hook’ that can bring more leads, and take advantage of the same. This can be done in the best manner by comparing the ‘with or without’ picture, i.e., where would a business be ‘with’ the product (by implementing the product) as against ‘without’ a product (by not implementing it).

By utilizing this methodology in conjunction with strategic sales solutions, businesses can score big in any scenario.

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 Evolution is the name of the game, even when it comes to strategic sales solutions. Hence, salespersons need to learn to adopt their tactics in accordance with the client’s requirements.

In today’s scenario, coming up with new and improved sales strategies is a challenge in itself, let alone the implementation! The reason is not lack of effort, but the very concept of a ‘safe and steady’ approach. The entire world is clearly evolving, and it’s best to keep up pace in terms of strategic sales solutions. A majority of salespersons have a habit of going through the same tried and tested methodology without thinking even for once about the psyche of the client, or for that matter the critical decisions that the other person has to take to ensure that buying the product or services from the service provider does not end up as being a wrong decision.

Putting things into perspective, strategic sales solutions are interpreted by many as a kind of hit and trial sequence, based on luck. However, there are many salespersons who seem to possess more ‘luck’ than the others. Quite obviously, it is evident that the latter are doing something which the others are not. The fact of the matter is that salespersons are both the problem as well as the solution for their own organization as well as the client. For instance, a ‘good’ salesperson, so to speak, would keep in mind the client’s needs in mind before even going for a pitch.

That being said, strategic sales solutions are not about backing out or not taking chances. Rather, it’s about playing smart. Considering the above mentioned scenario, modifying the product proposition is a smart as well as necessary move. Also, there are some sales strategies that work in certain domains and many that work in others. Salespersons have, for many years, seen the sales tactics as a holistic approach. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and it’s about time to wake up to the reality!

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Organisations that spend the required amount of time in devising and implementing strategic sales solutions experience phenomenal growth that is miles ahead of others that don’t take this necessary step.

Organisations across geographic locations spend thousands trying to get the right mix of strategic sales solutions and flawless execution, a potent combination that has what it takes to drive success for practically any enterprise. Taking a more objective look, it’s safe to state that creating and effective marketing strategy is like setting up a new business unit altogether, when one views it in terms of the time, effort and intelligence needed. Nothing can be taken for granted, since the planning is easily the most crucial stage in the entire life cycle of the business.

Once the strategic sales solutions have been devised, the company can focus on more pertinent issues like achieving targets, developing new offerings, etc. There are several aspects that go into the making of a successful sales cycle, but the most important rule of thumb that one needs to adhere to is the fact that sales and marketing can’t be treated in isolation with each other. Hence, an effective marketing campaign that is based on careful research and consumer mapping plays a vital role in giving the business the much needed boost to meet and exceed targets. To sum it up, one needs to be in touch with the demands of the target audience, and develop, position & promote the product or service in accordance with the same.

A major chunk of implementing strategic sales solutions deals with assessing the data that has been gathered via market research, so that the sales team can accurately understand the requirements of the TG, and taking the necessary action in accordance with the offering and the sales target that has to be met. This might make the job easier or more difficult. Nevertheless, it’s an unavoidable task that needs to be included in the process flow so that the business can continue to take giant leaps on the path to success.

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In order to develop the right kind of strategic sales solutions, it’s important to ensure that the right kind of people are hired, since they are the ones who would have to utilise the strategy to generate sales.

Recruiting the right people is one of the most important aspects of sales, and comprises of three core components – job description, job analysis and qualification of the candidate. Job description delves deep into the workload sizes that are the defining factors of productivity and efficiency. It also highlights how the individual is going to be judged with regards to the job that has been assigned, and forms the base of the kind of compensation that would be offered. The specific roles and duties of the person are also defined under this component, as well as the ability to provide strategic sales solutions.

Job analysis refers to explaining the candidate the kind of duties he/she would be responsible for on a day to day basis, in order to improve sales performance and enhance the competency of the person towards providing strategic sales solutions. Quite obviously, it’s important that whoever defines the job analysis must be well versed with pretty much everything that goes on in the sales domain on a day to day basis. Judging the qualifications of the candidate, the last parameter, is often misconstrued as something that is purely related to the educational part. However, the etymology of the word qualification shows that it comes from the word ‘quality’, which, particularly in the sales domain, is generally not about the education one has received.

For developing and implementing strategic sales solutions, the kind of experience one has garnered over the years, coupled with the skill set the person possesses, is all that matters. For instance, different organisations can have different kinds of approaches to sales – an IT company might have a more information based sales pitch, and rely tremendously on processes, while a consumer goods firm might give its employees the independence of choosing their own path, as long as it leads to sales. Needless to say, employees need to be more flexible while joining a new organisation – a trait that comes only with experience and skill.

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