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Sales Lead Generation and The ‘Out of Jurisdiction’ Paradox

Many salespersons have the habit of pulling the ‘out of my jurisdiction’ card on clients while sales lead generation inbound calls are in progress. Here’s a simpler way out.

There are certain key phrases that are always useful in sales lead generation when it’s an inbound method. One of the most common among these – this is out of my jurisdiction. Now, the reason why this is dangerous is because it may seem like one is trying to evade responsibility or is not the right authority to talk to. Reason enough for the prospect to drop out of the call. However, there are some cases where this dialogue is not only valid, but necessary. In such a scenario, not speaking the right things can have even direr consequences.

The key here is to understand that there are different aspects to a conversation. If, for instance, the enquiry is taking the direction of a more legal discussion, one can easily back out stating that they only know about the technical aspect of the procedure. If one is seriously unsure that the prospect may or may not be using something illegal, it’s better to refer them to the proper authority just to make sure things don’t get messy. Another scenario in case of a sales lead generation prospect is that even though one might not have any experience in the particular issue at hand, there could be an enquiry pertaining to the same. And one would most certainly have all the resources to deal with the same too. However, it’s best to refer the lead to someone, or consult them before taking action, rather than going ahead with inexperience.

Moving ahead, the next case is when one has thoroughly investigated the matter at hand and decided to go ahead with the information given by the prospect. For this to turn out the way one wants it to, it’s important to show that one has truly done all they could with the information and resources available. Being honest and sincere is the only option in this case, since one has already taken the task and must keep the other person updated on all the progress, successes, obstacles, et al. Lastly, one may use the ‘out of jurisdiction’ term when they are sure that competitors would also face similar issues with the problem at hand. Probably, the others have even made the mistake of attempting to resolve it without knowing the intricacies.

So that’s it. This sums up the entire concept of how one can utilize the ‘out of jurisdiction’ phrase, or avoid it, to get better results in sales lead generation.

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