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Sales Process Outsourcing
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Many salespersons have the habit of pulling the ‘out of my jurisdiction’ card on clients while sales lead generation inbound calls are in progress. Here’s a simpler way out.

There are certain key phrases that are always useful in sales lead generation when it’s an inbound method. One of the most common among these – this is out of my jurisdiction. Now, the reason why this is dangerous is because it may seem like one is trying to evade responsibility or is not the right authority to talk to. Reason enough for the prospect to drop out of the call. However, there are some cases where this dialogue is not only valid, but necessary. In such a scenario, not speaking the right things can have even direr consequences.

The key here is to understand that there are different aspects to a conversation. If, for instance, the enquiry is taking the direction of a more legal discussion, one can easily back out stating that they only know about the technical aspect of the procedure. If one is seriously unsure that the prospect may or may not be using something illegal, it’s better to refer them to the proper authority just to make sure things don’t get messy. Another scenario in case of a sales lead generation prospect is that even though one might not have any experience in the particular issue at hand, there could be an enquiry pertaining to the same. And one would most certainly have all the resources to deal with the same too. However, it’s best to refer the lead to someone, or consult them before taking action, rather than going ahead with inexperience.

Moving ahead, the next case is when one has thoroughly investigated the matter at hand and decided to go ahead with the information given by the prospect. For this to turn out the way one wants it to, it’s important to show that one has truly done all they could with the information and resources available. Being honest and sincere is the only option in this case, since one has already taken the task and must keep the other person updated on all the progress, successes, obstacles, et al. Lastly, one may use the ‘out of jurisdiction’ term when they are sure that competitors would also face similar issues with the problem at hand. Probably, the others have even made the mistake of attempting to resolve it without knowing the intricacies.

So that’s it. This sums up the entire concept of how one can utilize the ‘out of jurisdiction’ phrase, or avoid it, to get better results in sales lead generation.

The concept of sales process outsourcing has its roots in the inherent need for businesses to acquire more business, for obvious reasons. And the most common reasons are either the lack of a sales team, or the presence of a weak one. However, in case it’s the latter, the company that is giving the responsibility to an external agency to generate leads on its behalf certainly has a lot of things to do that can help in getting better results.

First of all, the source of all the prospects, i.e., the list, needs to be in prime shape. There’s a very deep correlation between the quality of the calling list and the kind of success the campaign would yield. And we’re not even talking about how skilled the sales process outsourcing team is. Simply put, companies can get their lists in perfect condition by using techniques like account mapping and intelligence processes. Also, taking a good, hard look at the lead generation strategy often reveals a lot of information that was right there, but no one bothered to look at it. One can constantly evolve the manner in which prospects are contacted, or the way in which information is given out.

Collaborating with the sales process outsourcing team can actually help the cause of getting more business to a great extent. For instance, by sharing information, there may be very interesting insights that come into light, like how sending direct mailers might work perfectly well for some clients, while others might respond better to an online campaign. this kind of information also helps the external team know the target audience better and devise better ways to clinch the business. And last but not the least, orientation sessions are very important to familiarize the external team with the terminologies and the processes, particularly in case of IT firms.

Generating better sales is the lifeblood of organizations across the world, and India is no different. There are hundreds of thousands of organizations that are constantly vying for the attention of their consumer or client. Realizing the criticality of this process, many of these entities have begun the hunt for reliable sales outsourcing companies in India, for the simple reason that they understand how an effective sales pitch can bring them fantastic returns. However, while there are many proponents of this move, there are many others who believe that outsourcing a process would lead to higher costs and hence, choose to refrain from it.

The basic benefit of partnering with Sales Process Outsourcing companies in Indiais that the organization can rest assured that a key aspect of business is being taken care of. This might not seem like much in the initial stages, but as business grows, handling the sales process with an internal team is a management nightmare, as there are so many variables that play a crucial role in the entire chain of events, from finding a prospect from among the numerous leads, to grabbing his attention, to converting him to a hot lead, and eventually, a customer.

Also coming to the cost part, having an internal sales team means that the expenses will remain constant (and may even rise YoY), as one has to pay salaries and incentives. However, when one partners with Sales Process Outsourcing companies in India, the costs vary with the kind of business that has been generated, making the structure more performance oriented than having an internal sales team could ever be. Also, many organizations are concerned about the fact that outsourcing the sales process means that they would have to share information about their product or service. However, this is not so much of a concern, since as soon as the offering is launched, competition would come to know of it. Also, if it’s a new product, the organization can choose to not share much information, or ask the sales outsourcing company to sign a confidentiality agreement, and all such concerns are taken care of!

It is an omnipresent reality in todays times that businesses need to survive competition and excel ahead of it at all times. Some find it hard to manage the former, while some are phenomenal at the latter. The difference lies not only in the approach, but also in strategy, manpower training and the execution of plans. However, all this is easier said than done, as far as Indian organizations targeting the North American market for selling their products/services, since they dont have hands-on experience and an eye on what is really happening. This is an unavoidable disadvantage, unless there is a partner who is well versed with the different moods of the market, and has ample amount of experience with different kinds of consumers. The Global Associates is that partner for you.

We specialize in providing sales process outsourcing, which basically means that you can leave all your prospect and lead generation concerns to us, and just focus on enhancing your business model and improving your product range. With a dedicated team of sales professionals that have been there, done that, we give you the extra edge over competition, since you will have representatives who have the right kind of experience in making sales in the North American markets. We will give your business the impetus it needs, so that you can rest assured that your sales are in safe hands, and enhance your products and services to build a stronger repertoire.

Since we will practically run your entire sales department by keeping a tab on the pulse of the North American markets, you will benefit tremendously from our expertise with regards to expanding your business. Also, owing to our fantastic results in terms of qualified leads, you will have a considerable boost in ROI which will sustain all kinds of market conditions. Trust us to give a new life to your organization, even when you thought it didnt need one, because believe us when we say it, evolution demands value addition!