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Things to Avoid After Inappropriate B2B Appointment Setting

There are many times when B2B appointment setting doesn’t quite go the way one plans it to. And it is precisely at such instances that it’s important to give clients reasons for the way things stand. However, one of the most common responses in such a scenario, i.e., saying that ‘technical difficulties’ came in the way of the procedures might be a bit too much for clients to accept. After all, they are the ones paying the company providing the services, and any kind of mistake is not looked upon lightly.So, one needs to be rather careful about using the ruse, so to speak, too frequently.

B2B appointment setting and technical difficulties actually share a long history. Most often, this term is used when something gets in the way of clear communication like a problem in the email filter that doesn’t let client (or prospect) messages pass. However, the fact is that there are only so many times one can use this to escape situations. To begin with, it’s a very embarrassing position to be in when one talks to clients. Nobody wants to talk about how they weren’t able to do their job properly because of an unseen error. However, once that inherent predicament has been passed, the first thing to understand is that technical difficulties are not everyday occurrences. They are rare instances, and they should stay that way. So, it may be a stroke of bad luck that one has disappearing internet connectivity, or faulty telephone lines. However, too much of that and the client would think that there are some serious infrastructure issues.

Secondly, while interacting with clients, B2B appointment setting executives need to understand that the former know about the kind of problems that arise. Long story short, problems are easily identifiable. Or rather, genuine problems are easily identifiable the fake ones aren’t exactly like needles in a haystack. They know that one can’t afford to lose business by letting things be, and that’s when one knows that there’s something fishy. This is linked to the last point, the element of how fixable the problem is.

If a problem has been around for some time and still not apparently fixed, then again it’s the company’s reputation at stake. So, it’s best for the B2B appointment setting process to be refined so that there are no further embarrassing situations, rather than going to search for unique excuses.

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