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Why is B2B Appointment Setting so Effective For Business?

There are essentially two kinds of thought processes when it comes to B2B appointment setting. There are proponents of the theory who claim that it’s probably the most effective means of reaching out to the people who matter the most; and there are those who oppose the concept, saying that telephonic conversation as a means of getting new leads is obsolete. It is imperative that this difference of opinion is caused due to the kind of experiences both the parties have had.

Essentially, B2B lead generation, like many other business processes, is all about timing. One needs to be in the right place (or rather strike up the right conversation) at the right time to achieve the desired objective. There would be many individuals who can talk for hours about calls regarding business matter that were made when they were out for dinner with their family or enjoying a Saturday brunch with friends. Quite obviously, one would not respond to such a call in the most favorable manner. Believe it or now, such calls are basically intrusion of privacy, and the only way to ensure that this seemingly negative action bears positive results is to play the cards right. Obviously, one can’t always be right as there would be times when the person would be in a meeting or out of office, but those situations still give a second opportunity under the pretext of calling back later.

Another point of concern that is often raised against B2B appointment setting is that just because someone has agreed to meet does not make them a hot prospect. While that is certainly true, one can’t possible rule out the fact that a meeting is at least a start and would be much better than having no progress with a particular prospect at all.

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