Behind every well executed campaign is relentless data analysis, effective promotions, meticulous strategies and flawless execution. Unfortunately, the winning statistics take all the glory away from the back-end jobs. But that doesn’t undermine their importance in any manner.

Fact is, campaign support services are just as critical to getting to the desired goal as the core thought. Which is why we, at The Global Associates, ensure that your endeavors in this field are complemented by a robust and thorough follow up. With a slew of tools to help you analyze the hits and misses, we’ll help you chart out the progress thus far and map the road ahead. Our suite of tools and techniques has driven success for a significant number or organizations running campaigns across different media platforms. And our team is well versed with the nitty gritties of online and offline campaigns. Backed by a sound understanding of marketing principles and cutting-edge technology, we can open a world of possibilities for your business with a meticulous and well planned strategy that leads to impactful execution and drives home the kind of results you’re proud to report!

Some of our support services are:

    • Surveys
    • Event Marketing/ Registration/ Follow-up
    • Invitation Call
    • Tradeshow Lead Follow-up

The Global Associate advantage

    • Comprehensive support system: We formulate a strategy that encompasses different aspects of campaign support to give your marketing efforts a shot in the arm
    • Multiple tools for diverse needs: We have the capability to support campaigns on the internet as well as on-ground, with a suite of tools and techniques that spell success
    • Dedicated industry professionals: Our team comprises online and offline marketing mavericks who have driven campaigns to the heights of success across countries. Surely they can do the same for you!