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Sales lead generation: Making it big (contd.)

By September 11, 2013March 31st, 2023No Comments

Sales Lead Generation Making It Big (Contd.)Continuing from the previous post…

Publisher lead generation programs are another great option for Sales lead generation: Making it big. There is a wide range of programs that’s covered under this head, with regards to different publishers. And even though contacts that are received via these programs are not very high quality, the programs are definitely more scalable and targetable, based on demographics, compared to search.

Email marketing is also a great  lead generation channel, and even though inboxes are flooding with messages and deliverability is clearly an issue, when it comes to ROI, emails rule the roost. Granular targeting is very much a possibility in this context, and when used with content promotions, email marketing can prove to be quite the cost effective channel for almost any industry.

Many companies are also looking at direct mail for Sales lead generation, since email marketing is getting tougher by the minute. To maximize the overall response rate, combining direct mail with an integrated approach via an online channel (QR code, Augmented reality, what have you!) is a great, interactive way to touch base with the audience and keep them hooked.

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