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Sales Lead Generation: Nomad or Settler (contd.)

By June 10, 2013March 16th, 2023No Comments

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For nomads, the most characteristic ability is to constantly be on the hunt for new leads, which can lead to swarming behavior and makes the sales lead generation strategy similar to that of barbarian armies, so to speak. In that sense, customers are actually scared of the service provider, since they are never sure when they would be given low priority because the firm would be too busy looking for new business. Alternately, the lead generation process can also be similar to an authoritarian dominion. Firms have claimed the certain area as their own and wouldn’t leave nor bear the thought of competition eating into their share. Thus, they try to manipulate the market environment into what seems like an artificial caricature of itself.

Both nomads as well as settlers have their own formula for inflicting permanent damage via haphazard lead generation. This is certainly counter intuitive if the intent is for the lead generation strategy to stay alive, so to speak. And it will stay alive because one allows the marketing environment to live on. One does not remain aggressive in marketing and consider long term effects of meeting with prospects. However, one also needs to constantly replenish the leads funnel so as to remain competitive, and adapt to a mix of the aggressive nomad and the persevering settler.

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