Sales Lead Generation

Sales Lead Generation Services and Solutions:

The Global Associates provides the following Strategic Sales Lead Generation Services and Solutions:

B2B Inside Sales

The Global Associates specializes in setting up B2B Inside Sales team. With its unique global delivery model, The Global Associates can fundamentally reduce the costs of sales and open up new markets / segments for its customers. We can take revenue target for our customers to enhance their new business inflow.

We efficiently deliver the complete Sales Cycle and provide tailor-made solutions to various industry verticals specific to their requirements.

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B2B Lead Generation

The Global Associates can set up B2B Lead Generation teams, which work closely with the Clients sales team and generate qualified leads for them. This helps in reducing the sales cycle and the costs of sales. The clients Sales team spend their time at working with qualified leads which increases their ROI and boosts productivity.

Effective B2B Lead Generation ensures the success of your Business Development Initiatives and reaching out to decision maker in lesser time and hence enhances the effectiveness of Sales process there by shortening the Sales Cycle.

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B2B Appointment setting

We specialize in business B2B lead generation and B2B inside sales outsourcing but along with this we also specialize in B2B Appointment setting for research specific companies. Our goal is to provide companies with best business leads and sales opportunities so that they can focus on closing instead of finding leads.

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B2B Telemarketing

Most companies make use of emails as a traditional way of sending event invitations, but with the existence of email filters which treat these invites as spam, efficiency is compromised. Phone invitations, on the other hand, are better because it is more personalised approach and it gives the customer a chance to ask questions and address concerns right away. Since phone invitation is straightforward, it is perfect for announcing events, updates and following up.

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Data Research and Lead Identification

The Global Associates can also work on conducting Web Research to identify prospects and points of contact for the clients outreach programs. This results in lot more targeted efforts and again much higher ROI on the resources spent.

We have Data Management Techniques which ensures faster turnaround time, also our sales resources are well equipped with Sales 2.0 techniques that enables them to do a targeted research and identifies a lead efficiently.

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Inbound and Online Marketing

The Global Associates specializes in increasing the relevant traffic to your website and increase your web presence from a point of view of converting it to revenue and sales. We follow a unique approach of Optimizing & promoting Website and Content to generate and capture Qualified Leads and then converting them into customers and sales.