In today’s highly competitive business environment, just acquiring customers is only part of the deal. Sustained and consistent clientele are the need of the hour. And that’s where subscription sales come in as a vital tool.

The basic objective of subscription sales programs is to ensure that customers renew their subscription and choose to continue their association with the brand instead of exploring new options. However, this is seldom as easy as it sounds. Comprehensive and consistent communication is key to owning consumer mindshare, and The Global Associates has what it takes to get you there.

Our team specializes in connecting, upselling and cross-selling products, besides retaining contracts, to help you make the most of your current clients. So that you can focus on getting new business and leave the rest to us. We work towards ensuring a steady flow of revenue with a string of client retention and renewals tactics that keep you one step ahead of competition at all times. Giving you higher earning and more control over your customers, and consequently, higher market share.

  • Higher renewals: Instead of just giving customers the option of renewing subscriptions, we craft our communication in a manner that virtually guarantees higher renewals
  • Customized deals: We study your TG and their expectations, and come up with tailor-made solutions to cater to their needs
  • Periodic communication: Our renewal campaigns are created in a systematic manner that are aimed at creating a favorable consumer mindset