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Some B2B lead generation Services run very successful lead generation programs while others keep complaining about the lack of success despite their best efforts. There seems to be a constant conflict between the managements and employees of The Global Associates B2B lead generation services;while the employees feel that the managements set unrealistic goals, the management blames them of underperforming. What most of these organizations fail to understand is that sales performance is mostly a factor of a few critical elements that are in play in every sales department. It’s very important to take into account these elements in order to ensure the success of your lead generation effort. Let us discuss these vital elements here in detail.

  • Evaluating the length of sales cycle:

If the management of a B2B lead generation agency has a tendency to underestimate the sales cycle lengths, the chances of the success of their lead generation effort are remote. It’s absolutely essential to accurately judge the time needed for a particular lead from lead generation stage to closing of the deal. Trying to roll various leads like cold call leads, referrals and in-bound leads into a single metric is a common mistake that reduces the cycle period. As a result, the sales goals become virtually unattainable.

One must understand that a cold call lead takes a longer time in reaching its conclusion than in-bound leads or referrals. If B2B lead generation companies mix up these leads while calculating their time projections, they are sure to miss the mark. Moreover, cold call leads outnumber the other two types of leads, a fact that makes projections about the sales cycle lengths even more difficult.

  • Monitoring each stage of the sales process:

Most B2B lead generation services tend to concentrate too much on the number of closed deals and as a result, tend to pronounce some perfectly healthy leads as dead. One must understand that the sales pipeline of any organization is usually filled up by leads in various stages at any particular period of time. As each lead requires a different time frame for maturity, to club everything under one head and assigning the same cycle length for each one is not the right way.

  • Having an accurate forecasting method:

It’s absolutely imperative for a B2B lead generation company to devise an accurate forecasting method. As mentioned earlier, separating in-bound leads and referrals from the cold call leads is necessary for making more accurate projections. Identify various key stages of your sales process and measure sales cycle length for each individual sales lead on its basis. Try to interpolate data related to your processed leads, this will give you a fair idea about the length of time each type of lead usually takes to reach maturity stage. Having realistic expectations of the process and the people is important, this is the only way B2B lead generation services can set realistic goals and keep their lead generation efforts alive and healthy.