3 Main Tasks B2B Telemarketing Services Perform For Their Clients

The Global Associates B2B Telemarketing Services perform the important task of helping their clients reach out to the prospective buyers and remain in close touch with them for several purposes. Online marketing methods are ruling the roost in this modern era, no doubt; however, B2B telemarketing services use an approach that is far more effective […]

5 Essential Elements For Lead Generation Services

  The Global Associates Lead Generation Services keep devising new strategies and adopting latest technologies to make their lead generation programs more efficient and result oriented. However, despite all these technologies and strategies, few lead generation services rise to any great heights as they lack the understanding of the basic elements of lead generation business. […]

3 Tips For Telesales Companies For Talking Their Way to Success

The sales executives of The Global Associates Telesales Companies need to master the art of conversation because ultimately sales is primarily about having conversations with people. Telesales companies must never undermine the importance of energetic, productive conversations despite the availability of many latest technologies and sales strategies in the modern era. Every business relationship begins […]

3 Queries Telemarketing Companies In India Must Answer To Get The Deal Through

Even in this era of online marketing techniques, cold calling still remains a potent tool for The Global Associates Telemarketing Companies In India. People often think that cold calling has lost its relevance because most sales people, unfortunately, fail to realize that first few seconds of a cold call are mighty important; a blunder that […]

3 Ways Telemarketing Companies In India Can Help You Grow

The Global Associates Telemarketing Companies In India lend you a helping hand for inviting your clients and prospects to your company events, conferences,   forums, and meetings, using specialized telemarketing services. There are many powerful new tools in the arsenal of telemarketing companies in India that can help you improve business relationships through personalized contact. […]

2 Tips For Telemarketing Companies In India To Make Their Approach More Client Friendly

The Global Associates Telemarketing Companies In India adopt an effective approach to get in touch with the prospects and customers, providing them with information about the scheduled meetings, seminars and other events to be held in their organization. Telemarketing companies in India are more successful in their endeavor since they provide a personal touch to […]

3 Things Telesales Companies Should Learn To Grow Their Business

The Global Associates Telesales Companies often tend to put added pressure on their sales teams, setting lofty goals and making them use over-aggressive tactics. However, the business scenario has undergone a metamorphosis in past two decades; hard-sell tactics don’t work for telesales companies any longer. What can elevate the status of a sales organization from […]

2 Ways For Lead Generation Companies To Customize Their Proposals

Writing proposals is an integral part of the lead generation process that holds a great significance for the success of The Global Associates Lead Generation Companies. A proposal is prepared by lead generation companies so that the client gets to know the salient features of the product or service being offered by them. The sales […]

4 Tips For Lead Generation Companies To Make Cold Calls Friendlier

  Despite being one of the most potent tools for The Global Associates Lead Generation Companies, cold calling is a much maligned art. While most sales persons of lead generation companies dread making them, almost every decision maker hates getting disturbed by these unsolicited calls. Approaching decision makers is always the first step in the […]