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Take 4 Steps Towards Maintaining A Clean Database: B2B Lead Generation Agency

By September 23, 2015No Comments

The Global Associates B2B Lead Generation Agency depends a great deal on a clean database for running a successful lead generation program. The road for a B2B lead generation agency would be full of obstacles if the data they use is full of errors, dupes or inconsistencies. The database is always the starting point for any organization and it’s very important to keep it as clean as possible to ensure smooth functioning of their day-to-day operations.

Maintaining A Clean Database B2B Lead Generation Agency

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Meaning of an error-filled database:

An error-filled data causes frustration and leads to the wastage of valuable time and resources. Even a single typo could prove very costly in terms of wasted time and frayed tempers and take hours of hard work and frustration before it could be corrected. Cleansing and maintenance of clean data thus becomes extremely important for any B2B lead generation agency. A flawed contact list, for example, would make you dial wrong numbers or wrong persons, thus wasting precious manpower. Devising an effective procedure for removing errors and inconsistencies from your database and maintaining cleanest data possible, therefore, becomes imperative for running a successful organization. Here is a 4-step effective data cleansing process for your organization:

  • Identifying critical data:

The first step towards maintaining a clean database is to prioritize the data according to its importance for your business. Identifying all the fields specific to your industry and then including the ones necessary to complete the database will send you on your way. For example, you will need fields like names and designations of the decision maker; their phone numbers and email addresses; referral details etc while compiling your contact list.

  • Analyzing data:

The next step in this process comprises of analyzing your existing data. B2B lead generation agency needs to handle a whole lot of data and it’s important that it is free of errors. To make the process effective, one must try to analyze what’s missing in the database, what should be disposed off and what needs to be filled in. Standardizing the process helps, however, allocating resources to cleanse the data manually sometimes is also necessary.

  • Standardizing the process:

As mentioned above, standardizing the process is important since it gives an idea to the staff about what is to be done exactly to cleanse the data and maintain a clean database. These standard routines should apply not only to the new data but also to the previously entered data. Equally important is to find authentic resources for filling in the missing links.

  • Constant monitoring and periodic reviews:

The above mentioned steps will ensure clean data; however, it’s an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and periodic reviews of the process. Some flaws may crop up with time or you may come up with some better arrangements in future. Incorporating these will help you improve the system and make it more effective.

B2B lead generation agency relies greatly on the authenticity of the database; any errors, dupes or inconsistencies can ruin the entire lead generation effort. By adopting an efficient process for cleansing the data and maintaining the cleanest database possible is imperative for ensuring smooth functioning and boosting the organization’s business.