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B2B Demand Generation

Top 3 Trends In B2B Demand Generation To Grow Your Business

B2B demand generation is an integrated marketing approach to drive brand awareness and interest in a product or service in the B2B sector. The post discusses some top trends in B2B demand generation for creating awareness and generating fresh opportunities.

Top vendors like The Global Associates adopt an integrated marketing approach for B2B demand generation in order to build brand awareness and drive demand for a product or service in the B2B marketplace in the year 2022. Marketing teams work simultaneously on many channels to make B2B demand generation more effective and create leads for the sales teams that result in fresh opportunities for generating revenue.

Various departments in the marketing team may have different objectives, and thus can work on multiple channels to achieve excellent results. While one team in demand generation companies will be working on organizing and sponsoring B2B trade shows, another will be engaging with PR agencies to create brand awareness in a big way. Some other teams will be working with local and global partners for creating quality leads through strategies like content syndication and high-impact webinars.

Creating new assets like eBooks and research papers to attract an audience is a part of the demand generation strategy that works well in directing traffic to your website. It’s a united effort to create interest in your product or service so the lead generation team may take over to convert this interest into leads.

Importance of B2B demand generation:

Demand generation companies perform the vital role of accelerating business growth. We are living in an era of ever-intensifying global competition, the marketplace is saturated making it difficult for both seasoned campaigners and newcomers alike, you need effective demand generation to rise above the competition and make a niche of your own.

The start-ups must have the right demand generation strategy to engage prospects well and become profitable to not become a fly-by-the-night organization. Naturally, this stability would help them attract new customers and investors. Relying fully on your sales teams and organic methods to attract customers is certainly not a good idea as it would result in slow business growth for the company.

Significance of getting reference cases:

Reference cases assume great significance in B2B, the more customers you have in your kitty, the easier it is for you to request reference cases. It’s a great tool to attract prospective buyers and generate demand. B2B demand generation companies use innovative methods to generate awareness and interest for your company at a faster pace which results in your company acquiring more customers, and in turn, more reference cases.

Stimulating demand through the right messaging:

Demand generation companies can ensure good results by stimulating demand by sending the right message to the right audience. Communicating the business value of your offerings through appropriate channels is the key to making sure that your message is reaching the target audience. You identify different channels like webinars, advertising, ABM, PR, events, etc.

For different people to make your effort more effective and result-oriented. This approach of delivering a consistent message across different channels in order to avoid confusion is known as integrated marketing communication. This helps you to be in constant contact with the target audience and successfully create quality leads.

However, B2B demand generation can sometimes be tricky as different decision-makers and influencers may require a different message to capture their interest. Developing a deep understanding of the targeted people and finding the right channels and the right message, therefore, becomes vital to make effective demand-generation strategies.

Key trends in demand generation in the B2B marketplace:

Following are the top trends in demand generation today-

  • Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Intent-based marketing

All these tactics rely on reliable marketing data to take strategic campaign decisions and target individual customers as per their demands.

Top 3 Trends In B2B Demand Generation

1. Account-based marketing

You can adopt three different approaches for account-based marketing, they are

  • Machine gun approach: You make a program that targets your full target audience, mostly done through digital campaigns.
  • Rifle approach: You reach out to specific target industries in your list through your campaigns, like manufacturing companies, main distributors, etc. 
  • 1-1 approach: This would be the most resource-intensive approach in which you design campaigns for a specific target account and focus entirely on them. You must identify accounts with the largest possibility to turn into solid leads justifying the extra investment.

2. Programmatic advertising

You are able to dynamically serve ads using programmatic advertising depending on who is viewing the advertisement, it uses automation to make it real-time. You can thus achieve heavy personalization which results in high-performing ad campaigns.

3. Intent-based marketing

You identify people whose online behavior indicates purchase intentions and direct your marketing campaigns at them. You analyze B2B intent data to be aware of the products or services they have been searching for and doing research on in order to make correct campaign decisions and make demand generation more effective.

B2B demand generation is all about creating brand awareness and generating interest in your products or services so that the lead generation team could take over and convert them into quality leads. Demand generation is top of the sales funnel and combining it effectively with the lead generation process will ensure great results for the organization.

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