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B2B telemarketing

Ways to make B2B telemarketing work. Ethically.

B2B telemarketing

With legal guidelines making things all the more difficult for companies that used B2B telemarketing to get more business, the situation is not looking too good. Sure, some firms can look at other avenues of marketing their products and services, but not everyone can afford other means. However, there are still ways in which one can get more business while staying compliant with the new laws and ensuring that customers don’t complain against them.

The first thing to keep in mind during B2B telemarketing is to ensure that one has a good reason to call the customer. Not from their own perspective of course, but from the customer’s angle. The simple fact to remember is that the customer ends a call within a few seconds because he/she doesn’t see any value in a random call either from the tone of the person’s voice or the content of the message. So, it’s essential that the script must be crafted in a way that intrigues to prospect to continue talking. For this, the most important ingredient is a great offer. For instance, if the firm is into stock trading and offers the same brokerage rate to a person as the other company, they would not be interested in the prospect. Sure, there can be lucky breaks when the person being called doesn’t have a stock portfolio and wants to get involved, but that’s not the best way to go ahead, is it?

The moment a customer sees an offer that is of value to them, the call can then be taken to the next level. If not, there’s not enough eloquent language in the world that can get them to stay. Another important B2B telemarketing principle to be kept in mind is that one must introduce the company and the offer before the call commences. This might seem a bit absurd, and can work wonders if one has an email database of potential customers as well. For instance, if the person knows that somebody from XYZ company will call to talk about vacuum cleaners, they are sure to be more receptive to the call, or reject it outright. Either way, the element of surprise that puts people off during B2B telemarketing calls would be non-existent.

These are just some of the means through which one can get better results via B2B telemarketing. It’s a veritable treasure trove of prospects out there, and one can definitely achieve the objective if they follow some basic guidelines.

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