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Solutions for B2B Lead Generation and Demand Generation To Get You The Connections on which your Sales Thrives & Survives

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A comprehensive and aggregated Approach to B2B Lead generation which help impact our clients' sales positively in the long run by helping them build a robust sales pipeline and have shorter sales cycles

Prospecting is a specialist's job. We have relied on years of experience to develop Linkedin & Email Marketing based Prospecting Solutions, which will help educate and create an interest in our client's offerings.

Hire affordable Email Marketing Specialists from TGA. Higher degree of control on your marketing activities without having to worry about the expense of hiring and maintaining an inhouse team

Solutions for B2B Lead Generation

The Global Associates offer solutions for B2B lead generation and assign you a team of sales professionals, data experts, content creators, social media specialists, and email marketing specialists. The Global Associates would oversee this team, and the Account Manager would keep you informed of the campaign's progress. Quality analysts and the learning and development team will also assist them with their training. The team's main objective is to produce leads that are actionable, high-quality, and ready for sales.

The Global Associates can work with you to create targeted data lists for you. Our Data Research Services Team understands your target markets, identifies companies and right party contacts in those companies with contact details. All this is done using specialized premium data research tools. Our data experts build targeted lists based on the qualification criteria like geography, industry, revenue, employee size etc to ensure we reach out to the “Right Prospects”.

The Global Associates develops and optimizes content and messaging which resonates with your brand and marketing objectives. We will create call scripts, email & social media messaging and landing pages, etc. as content is the key. A specialized team of content creators creates the templates and messages in a way that adds value to your offering and creates brand awareness.

Our prospecting activities take place across:

  • Email Marketing: Automated as well as 1-1 emails.
  • Social Media like LinkedIn and Twitter depends on the campaign.
  • Inside Sales to qualify & set up appointments.
  • Real-Time Conversations through chatbots, Whatsapp, and Landing Pages.

The Global Associates uses a modern and dependable CRM like Salesforce and marketing automation tool Pardot to ensure you get great reports and complete transparency. The main focus is to increase customer satisfaction using state-of-the-art technology through efficient processes. Having the right mix of strategy and technology we aim to deliver actionable leads to our clients.

Solutions for B2B Lead Generation

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